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12 March 2020

Information on the Covid-19 Emergency

Recommendations to students, faculty and staff on Novel Coronavirus

Message from the Rector and the Managing Director 
12 March 2020 - 

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Today we are experiencing the fourteenth day of suspension of lessons, seminars and events on our Campus, which – as you know – will certainly continue until 3 April.

The new situation we are facing has undoubtedly deeply affected all our lives, but it has also demonstrated our community’s capacity for resilience and innovation. Right from the first week of suspension we managed to guarantee distance learning for most of the courses of the five Schools. Then, starting from the second week, we proceeded to activate the service at full capacity for all degree programs and courses, except for a few rare exceptions (some Specialized Masters had just started, so we preferred to opt for the temporary suspension of the program; SDABocconi custom courses for corporations have been postponed until the end of the emergency).

More precisely, a total close to 2 million teaching minutes have been produced and delivered. Almost 9,000 students have watched videos on demand, with an average of 12 videos viewed per student, in addition to live streamed videos. The total number of students who have participated in at least one live streaming session (over 800 sessions in all), exceeds 6,000.

As you can imagine – during the current serious emergency – these are extraordinary results, due to the efforts of students, faculty and staff who are committed to the #bocconineverstops cause. Thank you all!

However, the global health emergency still spreads, and to our dismay we have learned that the leading US universities (from Harvard on the East Coast to Stanford on the West Coast) are also asking students not to return to campus after their Spring Break on 23 March, guaranteeing distance lessons until the end of the semester. To attempt an objective analysis, this is truly an extraordinary crisis at an international level, during which we were among the first forced to experience the unexpected emergency and to react subsequently with these new ways of working.

At this time, however, when the situation requires further responsible actions from everyone at an individual and collective level, we ask you for an additional effort to limit mobility. This comes in light of the new restrictive measures issued by the Italian Government last night through the DPCM of 11 March 2020 "Further provisions of the DL of 23 February 2020, n. 6 containing urgent measures regarding containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, applicable to the entire national territory", which provides for even stricter measures to contain the contagion of Covid-19. We therefore ask that you come to Campus only in the following cases:

  • To record lectures, upon request of authorization, to allow the regular provision of distance teaching activities (in compliance with health and safety regulations);
  • To utilize research equipment available only on campus, with authorization;
  • If you need to carry out administrative support services to the above and / or necessary to guarantee essential services.

The procedures for requesting and authorizing access to Campus will be communicated separately.

All administrative services will also be provided remotely, to ensure the regular continuation of the semester’s activities.

The recommendation for everyone is to strictly comply with the rules and indications to counter the spread of Covid-19, leaving your home and traveling as little as possible. The collaboration and responsibility of each of us will be decisive for a faster return to normal University life.

As we have said, Bocconi never stops. We wish you well as you continue to work and learn from a safe distance!

Gianmario Verona Rector, Riccardo Taranto Managing Director